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Child in swimming sequance


There is a financial commitment involved with ensuring your child’s opportunity to receive this specialized aquatic survival instruction. Lesson tuition is due on the Monday of each swim week. Tuition is only charged until the child is fully skilled. There is no contract or obligation to complete the full 6 weeks if the child becomes skilled before then. However, there is a possibility that it may take longer than 6 weeks. The weekly tuition is due regardless of the number of lessons you attend that week. Even though tuition is paid on a weekly basis, you are committing to the course until your child masters his or her survival skills.

National Registration Fee

  • $105 initial Registration Fee

  • $35 each following calendar year the student participates in ISR Lessons



  • $100 per week 

  • 10% discount for siblings (must be actively enrolled in lessons), teachers, nurses, active duty military, and first responders

  • $100 non refundable deposit required to reserve your spot in this session (deposit will be applied as week 1 tuition)

  • Cash or check

  • Venmo / Zelle /Apple Pay


ISR’s goal is to prevent drowning and through our ISR Community of Caring, we offer lesson fee scholarships to families in need, to ensure that no child is prevented from enrolling in ISR Lessons due to financial need. Funds are set aside by ISR on an annual basis for families in need to apply for financial assistance to cover a portion of the cost of program participation. These funds are limited so please ask me how to apply for a scholarship opportunity. 

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